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Kotlin/Java Development

Backend development is like the bottom of the iceberg, which the user usually does not see but is very important. If you plan to develop a mobile application, then very often, there is a task to make the server part with which the mobile application will interact. In our work, we use the famous and powerful Spring Framework. Please find out how we develop RESTful services below and contact us for a more detailed discussion of your task. We will be able to offer you the optimal solution, as we have more than 25 years of experience in process automation.


Kotlin / Java

For back-end development, we prefer Kotlin, as this language has a more concise syntax and, in our opinion, allows us to reduce the amount of code by 40% compared to Java. Less code makes it easier to support large projects. And its interoperability with Java allows us to use a variety of libraries written in Java.


Spring Framework

Using the Spring Framework in the project allows you to focus on the business logic and not on the low-level coding of interactions with the database, network, etc. This significantly speeds up development and allows us to get the desired result quickly.



For our projects, we use the free MySQL database management system. It contains enough functionality to cover the bulk of tasks for production applications. And in the vast majority of cases, it is enough to use the free version of MySQL, which allows you to reduce the overall cost of the solution. The advantage of using MySQL is also that the finished application can be used in a Linux environment, as well as packaged in a Docker container



We understand the importance of testing in development. This reduces the number of errors during the development of the solution, which means fewer failures in operation and a more satisfied user. Therefore, we have a rule that tests should cover more than 70% of the code. This has repeatedly helped us catch bugs before the system is deployed to a production environment. Yes, tests slow down the overall pace of development, especially at the beginning of a project, but then they save us hours and even days of work on finding unexpected bugs.Therefore, by ordering development from us, you can be sure that the quality of the product will be high.


Code Versioning

We use our GIT server for development, which allows us to work with private repositories. The code versioning system keeps track of who made changes to the code, and linking changes to tasks allows us to understand why and find all related changes. This allows, on the one hand, the development leader to control changes in the code (Code Review); on the other hand, the developer can roll back to the working version at any time if the changes made have led to the "falling" of the system. The GIT repository is a component of the quality of the software code and the developed application.



We have experience with Linux and Docker. We prefer deploying ready-made applications on Linux. Because this system allows the application to work more stably. In addition, the use of Linux in work provides for reducing the final cost of the solution.

Technology Stack

The technologies we use in work

● Kotlin● Java● Spring Framework● MySQL● PostgreSQL● Docker● Linux

Our Projects

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Android Development, Kotlin, Jetpack Compose

Production equipment accounting

Development of a mobile application for accounting equipment using Portable Data Terminals with the Android system. This application made it possible to obtain operational control over equipment status and respond in time to the need for its maintenance.

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Android Development, Kotlin

WMS Assistant

Development of a mobile application for warehouse operations in the window factory. The mobile application integrates with the customer's ERP system and allows the transfer of the point of accounting directly to the place of operations and receiving actual operational data. Supply managers were able to rely on system data to order materials.