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Our Mobile App development is

Best Practices
New Ideas

We have more than 25 years of experience in implementing the tasks of our customers and can offer you the best ways to solve yours. Entrust us with the implementation of your best ideas!

Our approach


Android Studio

We prefer native app development because it allows us to use all the capabilities of devices. In addition, it makes it possible to achieve the maximum speed of the application.

Jetpack Compose

It is a relatively new tool recommended by Google to build native UI in Android applications. It allows us to build interfaces much faster than using XML layouts. In our projects, we use Jetpack Compose.



In our projects, we use Material Design 3 from Google. Therefore our applications look modern despite the absence of a specially developed design.


Quality of applications is essential not only for customer satisfaction but for the calm dream of our developers. Hence we have the rule to cover more than 70% of the code with tests.

Technology Stack

The list of technologies presented below is not exhaustive. Because we can quickly connect and understand the necessary frameworks and utils. We have experience in

    Retrofit 2
    Work Manager
    Kotlin Flow
    Jetpack Compose
    Material Design 2/3
    JUnit 5 (tests)
    Urovo SDK (QR code scanner)
    MVVM Clean Architecture
    Firebase Analytics
    Firebase Crashlytics
    Push Messages
    Remote Config

Our Projects

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Android Development, Kotlin, Jetpack Compose

Production equipment accounting

Development of a mobile application for accounting equipment using Portable Data Terminals with the Android system. This application made it possible to obtain operational control over equipment status and respond in time to the need for its maintenance.

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Android Development, Kotlin

WMS Assistant

Development of a mobile application for warehouse operations in the window factory. The mobile application integrates with the customer's ERP system and allows the transfer of the point of accounting directly to the place of operations and receiving actual operational data. Supply managers were able to rely on system data to order materials.