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We have more than 25 years of experience in implementing the tasks of our customers and can offer you the best ways to solve yours. Entrust us with the implementation of your best ideas!


Company founder's message

Since its foundation in 1997, our company has provided accounting automation services for Ukrainian and foreign enterprises. We have acquired unique competencies in window production and sales automation. We know a lot about window production!

  • Here are some competencies in this field

    ● Integration with windows calculation software (WinCalc, RasKon, WHOKNA, WinDraw, ...)● CRM (Creatio, Odoo, 1C)● Production planning and logistic● Delivery planning and logistics● Optimization of cutting● Paperless production● Integration with CNC-controlled machines● WMS with Portable Data Terminal● Chatbots (Telegram, Viber)

We have passed a long and productive way with large manufacturing enterprises (metallurgy, mining). We have a good understanding of business processes in HR, wages and compensations, and production, as well as broad experience working with large databases (over 2 TB) and many users (over 300) in the system.
Due to the russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, many of our clients faced significant problems. Some of the customers ended up in temporarily occupied territories by the russian federation and stopped working. We have encountered difficulties. The domestic market of our country cannot provide us with work.
We have decided to restructure our company and expand into foreign markets. Currently, we are actively retraining our programmers to work with foreign orders. We love what we do, speak English well, and are ready to work.

Technology stack

Technologies we use at work

The list of technologies presented below is not exhaustive. Because we can quickly connect and understand the necessary frameworks and programming languages. We have experience in:

● Kotlin● Dart (Flutter)● PHP (Laravel, Yii2, WordPress, Opencart, October CMS)● Python● JavaScript (TypeScript, NodeJS, React, ReactNative, Angular, Vue.js)● DataBase (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MongoDB, Redis, ClickHouse)● Git (Bitbacket, GitLab, Github)● C++, C# (.Net)● Server (Linux, Apache, Nginx, Litespeed, Windows Server, Docker, Jenkins)● Design (Figma, Photoshop)● Golang● 1C● OneScript